TiSunMaking Your Home A Place In The Sun

TiSUN are one of Europe’s premier manufacturers of high quality solar thermal heating systems.

TiSUN aim to challenge the way we think about the Sun, and specialise in effectively harnessing its power so their customers can successfully heat their homes while reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

TiSUN’s range of solar collectors are at the pinnacle of solar engineering and their highly advanced solar hot water cylinders are a testament to innovative and, more importantly, highly effective technology.

Here at James Hargreaves we’re confident of the quality and pedigree of TiSUN products we supply, including:

• Solar panels and collectors
• Solar cylinders
• Solar accessories
• Piping solutions
• Full solar system sets to suit any home or application

TiSUN offer you the chance to heat your home using free energy from the Sun, freeing yourself from paying for unsustainable fossil fuels.

Providing up to 70% of an average home’ domestic hot water (DHW), TiSUN solar systems provide free heating and usually pay for themselves within 6-12 years through savings on fuel bills.

To find out exactly how TiSun solar systems can benefit you call you local James Hargreaves plumbing depot or call 01282 722 000 to book an appointment with a James Hargreaves Renewable Energy Consultant.

Solar systems for the rough reality.

Brand Assets:

TiSUN solar thermal collectors
TiSUN solar thermal cylinders
TiSUN solar thermal sets
TiSUN thermosiphon solar thermal system
TiSUN solar collectors – technical information
TiSUN solar cylinders – technical information
TiSUN stratified cylinders – technical information
TiSUN solar controls – technical information
TiSUN Brochure

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