Heating Controls And Thermostats

Total Control And Energy Efficiency

As well as supplying top quality heating systems James Hargreaves also offers a range of heating controls and thermostats which allow precise control over the output of your heating system.

Programmable thermostats are widely regarded to be an excellent energy saving tool and can bring about energy savings of around 30%.

Our wide range of heating controls and thermostats include:

  • Programmable heating controls allowing both manual and time set automatic control of your heating system.
  • Room thermostats which control the temperature within a specific are of the home based on manual control or automatically based on temperature.
  • Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) which give temperature control over specific radiators, meaning you can control their output and switch them off in empty rooms to save energy and money on heating bills.
  • Programmable radiator valves (PRVs) allow total control over your radiators and allow you to programme when they switch on and off automatically for total energy efficiency.
  • Under-floor heating thermostats for controlling the temperature of electric and boiler fed under-floor heating.

Our range of heating controls and thermostats which can make a real difference in your energy consumption and the efficiency of your heating system.

We supply all our suppliers’ products and can provide the right heating controls for you, regardless of your requirements.

Follow our suppliers’ links below and to download product information.

You can also call us or speak to staff at your local James Hargreaves branch who can recommend the best products for you.

Total climate control from James Hargreaves.

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