Hot Water Cylinders

The Right Cylinder, Whatever The Heating System

Hot water cylinders are used to store heated DHW (domestic hot water). They are usually housed within an airing cupboard and come in three main types:

  • Direct cylinders heat water using an internal (or direct) heat source, usually an integrated electrical immersion heater. In a direct cylinder there are no external heat sources.
  • Indirect cylinders heat water using an internal coil. The heat source is remote, such as a boiler fed heating system or a solar thermal system. Indirect cylinders can include a top up immersion heater, although they are still known as ‘indirect’.
  • Solar cylinders have two internal coils. The lower coil is heated by the solar thermal system and the upper coil is typically heated by a boiler to supplement water heating.

Vented And Unvented Cylinders

If you have a system or open vented boiler fed heating system you must ensure you choose the right cylinder. Depending on your heating system and your home, we can supply the right type of cylinder for you.

  • Unvented cylinders – These cylinders are designed for use in sealed domestic hot water systems and use a built in or attachable expansion vessels to deal with pressurised heated water. These cylinders are typically made from strong duplex steel.
  • Vented cylinders – These predominantly copper cylinders are for use in open vented hot water systems and work in conjunction with a domestic cold water header tank.

To see the full hot water tanks and fast recovery cylinders we supply from our industry leading manufacturers download the product brochures from the Brands section of this site.

You can also call or drop into your local branch of James Hargreaves and speak to our friendly staff.

At James Hargreaves we’ll do our best to find the right heating solutions for you.

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