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James Hargreaves supplies enclosures, shower doors, bath screens, and shower trays for every eventuality.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of class to your bathroom, make a design statement that reflects your personal style or just want a practical product to fit a family space then James Hargreaves has the answer.

Our shower enclosures and bath screens are available in a range of sizes to make the best use of space in any bathroom. Many of our ranges are also available as bespoke products made to your specifications.

Shower Doors And Enclosures

Shower enclosures come in a variety of styles and shapes. Our showroom boasts many models of shower enclosures and doors including:

  • Quadrant shower enclosures: These corner enclosures are rounded and typically have a set of sliding doors to maximise space in small bathrooms
  • Pivot hinged door shower enclosures: These shower enclosures have a hinged door which is opened outwards into the bathroom.
  • Bi-fold shower enclosures: Bi-fold shower doors consist of two hinged panels which fold in to allow access. These can be fitted to recess, corner and three sided showering enclosures
  • Corner entry shower enclosures: Similar in style to quadrant shower enclosures, corner entry enclosures have a set of sliding doors to maximise space
  • Self contained shower enclosures: These shower cubicles are four sided and remove the need to tile the wall area inside the cubicle. These enclosures are available with most types of shower door offered by James Hargreaves

Shower Trays

We also carry a wide range of shower trays in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to compliment all of our shower enclosures..

Bath Screens

Many people choose showering baths due to the convenience they offer. James Hargreaves offers a range of screens to fit any bath.

Wet Rooms And Walk In Showers

Wet rooms and walk in showers are aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic, maximise space and include no moving parts. They also offer the advantage of easy access for all the family.

Whether you want a walk in showering enclosure or a full wet room we can supply you with everything you need. We can also recommend trusted contractors to install your new enclosure.

A  range of silicone sealants and replacement shower seals are also available from all James Hargreaves Plumbing Depots.

Call or drop into your nearest James Hargreaves branch for more information on the shower enclosures we offer.

You can also click on our manufacturers’ logos below and download their product brochures to see what we can provide.

Opening doors to the perfect showering experience.

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