Underfloor Heating

Radiator Heating Without The Clutter

Underfloor heating (UFH) has grown in popularity over recent years as it has become more accessible to existing homeowners and frees up wall and floor space, unlike radiators.

UFH radiates heat upwards from the floor providing a comfortable environment, whereas radiators heat the air around them which then rises to the ceiling where the heat is wasted. UFH uses heat more economically than fixed point heating systems (radiators), and requires less heat to effectively warm a space.

Wet central heating is ideal for use with condensing boilers, which give maximum efficiency at low outputs, meaning that wet UFH installation could lead to lower heating bills and reduced carbon emissions.

It is also the ideal partner for sustainable heating systems as the lower heat output of these compared to traditional boilers is most effectively used by UFH.

At James Hargreaves plumbing depots we supply high quality UFH systems which are ideal for both new build properties and retrofitting in spaces beneath existing floors.

We also have a wide range of manifolds and UFH temperature controls which allow you total control over your environment.

We also supply electric UFH systems, including heating mat systems, where the heating cable comes attached to rolls of mesh and is rolled on to the floor, and heating cable systems.

The advantages of electric UFH systems lay in the fact that they have no moving or mechanical parts, and are extremely low maintenance. We also carry a range of electric UFH thermostats.

Call into your local James Hargreaves Plumbing Depot or call us and ask how our underfloor heating experts can help you make the right choice.

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