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Arctic Products deal in effective, innovative and convenient solutions to everyday plumbing problems.

Arctic’s line of Polar® portable pipe freezing systems freeze water within plumbing pipe, stemming water flow for up to 30 minutes, allowing minor modifications to be carried out without the hassle of draining the system.

Freezing kits are suitable for use with copper, steel, lead and MDPE plastic pipes in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

We also stock a range of Arctic plumbing and home safety products, including:

  • Tools for heating pre-soldered pipe connections
  • Carbon monoxide detectors (chemical cover change models or electronic units)
  • Smoke alarms
  • General plumbing materials and sundries
  • Radiator bleed valves
  • Flue brushes
  • Inspection torches
  • Smoke pellets
  • And much more…

Arctic provides a range of innovative plumbing and home safety products, all of which can be supplied by your local James Hargreaves plumbing depot.

For information on their full range drop into your local branch and speak to our staff to see how Arctic can make a difference to the way you work.

Cool ideas to benefit the plumbing trade.

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