M-Press Fittings

High-Quality Manufacturing

When installing M-Press Fittings you can be assured of installing the best.  Their product testing facilities ensure that all fittings leave their factories fit for purpose and will offer many many years of trouble-free service.

Our product range

​M-Press Fittings are synonymous with Stainless Steel. In Europe Stainless Steel is widely used as it’s material quality is recognised as the best and with the longest installed guarantees anywhere.

​M-Press Fittings product ranges are perfectly suited to plant rooms, risers and anywhere where large-sized Copper fittings may traditionally be used. The obvious advantages of replacing Copper with Stainless lie in the relatively low scrap value for Stainless compared to that of Copper (Copper is highly prized and as such is prone to site theft). Stainless Steel will also offer a 40 year installed warranty and will keep its appearance over time. The biggest reason however for considering M-Press Stainless over Copper is the price.

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