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Smith’s Environmental offer a viable alternative to traditional steel panel radiators in their range of effective and energy efficient fan-assisted hydronic heaters.

Smith’s hydronic heaters connect to any wet central heating system and work by drawing in cool air which is heated and expelled back into the room.

Using only 5% of the hot water used by traditional radiators, these units are economical, take up less space than traditional radiators and are cool to touch for safety.

Smith’s range of energy efficient heating products includes:

  • Fan convectors
  • Flame effect fan convectors – these units also have realistic flame effects and are a safe and energy efficient alternative to a fuel burning fire.
  • Perimeter heating units
  • Electric only fan heaters –suitable for high humidity areas such as bathrooms.
  • Hydronic/ electric (dual) fan convectors – connect to both the central heating system and the mains electricity supply. The unit can be run on electricity when the central heating system is not in use.

Smith’s heaters and convectors come in a wide variety of styles and specifications to suit any setting, be it a home, school, community centre, hospital or any other residential, commercial or public building.

Call or drop in to your local James Hargreaves plumbing depot or download the brochure for more information on a different way of heating.

Energy efficient and economical heating that breathes new life into any space.

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