Wineo by Austalex

Manufactured in Germany using pure virgin vinyl, Wineo Design Flooring brings you the highest quality available on the market.  Wineo floors are far superior to other products on the market which often contain a recycled vinyl element and are manufactured in China.

Wineo’s vinyl click-flooring is particularly easy to install.  All you need is a cutter knife and a white rubber hammer. The vinyl boards’ low installation height of just 4.5mm makes it particularly suitable for renovation and redevelopment work. Due to its simple and quick handling, it can be installed particularly swiftly and be walked on right away.  

Wineo’s vinyl flooring is extremely durable and ideally suited for damp areas (unlike wooden laminate flooring).  Wineo Design floors are also available as a glue-in option.

At Plumbing Depot we offer a selection of the following flooring options:

  • 18 Wood Designs
  • 10 Stone Designs
  • 12 Wood XL Designs

Wineo Design Flooring is distributed in the UK solely by Austalex Ltd. 

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