Open Vent Boilers

Open Your Home To A Classic Heating Solution

An open vent system provides hot water and central heating using a heat only boiler, hot water storage cylinder and a mains cold water tank situated in the loft of your property.

Heat only boilers heat water taken from the cold water tank and within the hot water cylinder. These systems allow hot water to be drawn from more than one outlet at a time without reduced water flow as seen with a combination boiler.

These systems are therefore suited to larger family homes with more than one bathroom.

As with sealed systems, once the hot water in the cylinder has been exhausted you must wait until it is refilled and re-heated before any more is available.

Many people choose to remove these systems and install a sealed system central heating system instead.

Advantages of open vented heating systems:

  • High flow rates of domestic hot water
  • More than one tap/ shower/ outlet can be run at the same time without any adverse effect on water pressure or flow
  • These systems can support a backup heater, such as an immersion heater

Disadvantages of open vented heating systems:

  • Once the hot water in the storage cylinder is exhausted you must wait for it to reheat
  • Space is needed for the storage cylinder and cold water tank in the loft
  • Fitting a new open vent system in a property requires more plumbing, and therefore more labour than both combination or system boiler heating systems

An open vent heating system may suit you if…

  • You have a large family
  • You live in a house with more than one bathroom
  • You are replacing an open vent boiler but do not want to install sealed heating system

James Hargreaves supplies a wide range of energy efficient condensing heat only boilers from industry leading manufacturers, in gas, oil and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) burning varieties.

Visit our Brands pages to download brochures from all our boiler manufacturers to see the quality products we supply. You can also call or drop into any of our James Hargreaves plumbing depot and speak to our staff for more information

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