Effective management of your heating system

Salus’ range of simple, reliable, no frills heating controls are built with simplicity and value in mind and offer a high degree of temperature control.

Precision heating controls from Salus allow you to manage your heating system more effectively and efficiently and can help to cut your utility bills as well as your impact on the environment.

James Hargreaves supply a range of Salus digital and non-digital central heating thermostats, central heating valves, radiator thermostats and can also provide everything you need to take control of your heating system in one handy control pack.

Salus also specialise in producing precise heating controls and room thermostats for use with under-floor heating systems, which are ideal for heating using sustainable energy sources.

Whether you want to control the output of a condensing boiler or a ground source heat pump there is a Salus control available from your local James Hargreaves plumbing depot allowing you to take control of any heating system.

“Salus” is the Latin for “wellbeing"; James Hargreaves can provide all the Salus products you'll need to take control over your environment and secure the wellbeing of your household or business.

Take control of your wellbeing with Salus.

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